Photo Tips

Here are a few tips to make School Picture Day go easier for student, parents and teachers:

• Your child will want to wear their favorite outfit and - for the most part - that is OK. In 20 years they'll look back at that picture wonder what they were thinking! At any age, clothing reflects the personality.

• Try to avoid a brand new hair-do, but make sure it is something the child signs off on. If you want his/her hair to look a particular way in the photo, please give us a hint in the "Notes To Photographer" part of the form. (i.e., "make sure hair is parted on left," "please make hair is still in ponytail," etc.)

• The "Notes To Photographer" section is especially helpful if you think your child might make changes on his/her own. If you want a sweatshirt taken off or for us to make sure a scarf is tied, don't hesitate to send us a short note so we can make sure and check it.

• If your child has a scratch or bruise on picture day, that will show in their portrait, however, we can retouch it if you would like to select that option. If your child, however, has something that creates swelling (bug bite, black eye, etc.) that makes retouching more difficult and it might be better to wait until retake day when the swelling has gone down. 

• If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us via the "Contact Us" form on this website.